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Your data never leaves your computer.


Move Fast And Write Markdown

Write cards at the speed of your thoughts. Don't get hung up by slow or clunky UIs.

...And Then Switch Back To Pretty View

Life is more than text editors. Enjoy gorgeous fonts, click to complete, and a full drag and drop card interface.

For Your Eyes

Dark and light (solarized-ish) themes supported.

And More...


Data is stored on your computer.

Data lives locally, and never goes to our server. Export pseudo-markdown whenever you like.


Fully Auditable.

Written in Kotlin, compiled to Javascript. Collaborators welcomed.


Organize Cards In Boards.

Organize your cards by boards, to separate projects or different areas of your life. Connect boards using wiki style links. Drag and drop cards onto links to move to different boards.


Like Keyboard Shortcuts? So Do We

Fully navigable using your keyboard. Shortcut reference available in mouse context menu.

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